Lahore To Shorkot Ravi Express Train Timings And Schedule for 2023

Ravi Express Train Timings. Experience the joy of travelling by train with the Ravi Express, one of Pakistan’s most popular daily express passenger trains. Running between the bustling city of Lahore and the military stronghold of Shorkot Cantt, the Ravi Express offers a convenient and efficient mode of transport for travellers on this route. With its latest timetable taking effect on October 15, 2022, this Pakistani train provides reliable service with a journey time of approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes, covering a distance of 261 kilometres.

Following Pakistan Railway’s train numbering system, Ravi Express is identified as 122 Down for the Lahore to Shorkot route, while Shorkot to Lahore is known as 121 Up. The journey is made interesting with 14 stops in-between including notable destinations such as Pir Mahal, Kamalia, Mamu Kanjan, Kanjwani, Tandliawala, Rurala Road, Jaranwala, Panj Pulla (Halt), Buchiana, Nankana Sahab, Warburton, Qila Sheikhupura Jn, Chichoki Mallian, and Shahdara Bagh Jn.

Comfort is intact as the Ravi Express offers economy-class seating, providing affordability without sacrificing the enjoyment of the journey. The up-to-date timetable, stop information, and other essential details are readily available, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience for all passengers.

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway To be Confirmed Ravi Express Train Timings.

Full Details Ravi Express Train Timings Train Timings / Schedule Table View

Ravi Express Train Timings Lahore To Shorkot (121 Up)

Lahore JnStart15:30
Shahdara Bagh Jn15:4315:45
Chichoki Mallian16:0916:10
Qila Sheikhupura Jn16:2216:24
Nankana Sahab17:2517:27
Rurala Road18:5318:55
Mamu Kanjan20:2420:26
Pir Mahal21:2121:23
Shorkot Cant. Jn22:00End

Ravi Express Train Timings Shorkot To Lahore (122 Up)

Shorkot Cant. JnStart03:00
Pir Mahal03:2903:31
Mamu Kanjan04:1404:16
Rurala Road05:3905:41
Nankana Sahab07:1907:21
Qila Sheikhupura Jn08:2808:30
Chichoki Mallian08:2208:23
Shahdara Bagh Jn09:2309;25
Lahore Jn09:40End

FAQs Ravi Express

The Ravi Express takes approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes to complete its journey from Lahore to Shorkot Cantt.

The Ravi Express has 14 stops between Lahore and Shorkot Cantt.

The Ravi Express offers only economy-class seating to its passengers.

The latest timetable of the Ravi Express, effective October 15, 2022, is available on the official website of the Pakistan Railway.