Lahore To Sialkot Lasani Express Train Timings And Schedule for 2023

Lasani Express Train Timings. The Train, a central feature of the Pakistan Railway system, offers a daily express passenger service between the bustling city of Lahore and the vibrant town of Sialkot. Embark on a swift journey that covers a distance of 148 kilometers, completed in approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes, making the Lasani Express a quick and convenient transportation choice.

Distinguished by the Pakistan Railway train numbers 125 Up (Lahore to Sialkot) and 126 Down (Sialkot to Lahore), the Lasani Express journeys through the heart of Pakistan, touching various localities. It traverses through the stops like Gunna Kalan, Chawinda, Pasrur, Kila Sobha Singh, Sri Rampura, Domala, Kot Mol Chand, Narowal Jn, Pejowali, Raya Khas, Baddomalhi, Mehta Suja, Narang, Kala Khatai and ends at Shahdara Bagh.

The train schedule is meticulously maintained according to the latest Pakistan Railway timetable updated on 15th October 2022. The Up train encompasses 17 stops, whereas the Down train comprises 16 visits, ensuring comprehensive coverage of significant regions.

Accommodating passengers with an economy class service, Lasani Express ensures a comfortable journey at an affordable price. Below are a few frequently asked questions about the Lasani Express Train service for your ease:

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway To be Confirmed Lasani Express Train Timings.

Full Details Lasani Express Train Timings / Schedule Table View

Lasani Express Train Timings Lahore To Sialkot (125 Up)

Lahore JnStart15:45
Shahdara Bagh Jn16:0016:02
Kala Khatai16:5216:54
Mehta Suja17:3317:35
Raya Khas17:5617:58
Narowal Jn18:2018:25
Kila Sobha Singh18:5018:51
Gunna Kalan19:3919:40
Sialkot Jn20:00End

Lasani Express Train Timings Sialkot To Lahore (126 Up)

Sialkot JnStart05:30
Gunna Kalan05:4505:46
Kila Sobha Singh06:3406:35
Narowal Jn07:0507:10
Raya Khas07:3207:34
Mehta Suja07:5507:57
Kala Khatai08:3308:35
Shahdara Bagh Jn09:1209:14
Lahore Jn09:30End

Lasani Express Train Timings (FAQs)

The Lasani Express completes its journey from Lahore to Sialkot in approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The Lasani Express train makes 17 stops on its 125 Up journey (Lahore to Sialkot) and 16 stops on its 126 Down journey (Sialkot to Lahore).

The Lasani Express train offers only Economy class service to its passengers.

The latest schedule of the Lasani Express train is available on the official Pakistan Railway website, last updated on 15th October 2022.

Please consult the official Pakistan Railway website or relevant sources for the most current information about Lasani Express train timings and stops.