Karachi To Quetta: Bolan Express Train Timings And Schedule for 2023

Bolan Express Train Timings. The BOLAN mail train is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most famous. It runs from Karachi to Quetta, covering a distance of around 814 km. The train takes about 22 hours to complete its journey and offers passengers an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of Balochistan. Bolan Mail Train Timing

The schedule of the BOLAN mail train is as follows:

Arriving Drigh Road at 18:36 and departure at 18:38. Then  Landhi Junction at 18:56 and departure at 18:58. Arriving at Jungshahi at 19:46 and departure at 19:48.The Braudabad arrival time is 20:00 till 20:01. Kotri Junction from 20:45 till 21:00. Sehwan Sharif from 23:23 till 23:25.Dadu from 00:42 till 00:50, Sibi Junction from 10:15 till 10:45, Ab-I-Gam from 12:35 till 12:45, Mach from 13:15 till 13:30, Kolpur from 14:40 till 14:48, Finally Quetta at 15:40

Passengers are advised to arrive at the station well before departure time and ensure they have all the necessary documents and tickets. The BOLAN mail train provides passengers with comfortable seating and sleeper options, making the journey an enjoyable experience.

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway To be Confirmed Bolan Express Train Timings.

Full Details Bolan Express Train Timings / Schedule Table View

Bolan Express Train Timings Karachi To Quetta (03 Up)

Karachi CityStart18:00
Karachi Cant18:1018:20
Drig Road18:3618:38
Landhi Jn18:5618:58
Kotri Jn20:5021:05
Sind University21:1721:19
Sehwan Sharif23:3223:34
Rehmani Nagar01:1701:19
Larkana Jn03:3503:43
Jacobabad Jn07:0007:10
Dera Allahyar07:2507:27
Dera Murad Jamali07:5307:55
Bakhtiarabad Domki08:5909:01
Sibi Jn10:3511:05

Bolan Express Train Timings Quetta To Karachi (04 Up)

Sibi Jn15:4016:10
Bakhtiarabad Domki17:1917:21
Dera Murad Jamali18:2518:27
Dera Allahyar19:0819:10
Jacobabad Jn19:3519:45
Larkana Jn22:2522:33
Rehmani Nagar00:4500:47
Sehwan Sharif03:1103:13
Sind University05:4005:48
Kotri Jn06:0506:20
Landhi Jn08:1408:16
Drig Road08:3508:37
Karachi Cant08:5509:05
Karachi City09:15End

Bolan Express Train Timings (FAQs )

The Bolan Mail train runs from Karachi to Quetta and covers a distance of approximately 814 km. The train passes through several major cities and towns, including Karachi Cantt Railway Station, Drigh Road Railway Station, Landhi Junction, Jungshahi Railway Station, Braudabad, Kotri Junction, Sindh University Railway Station, Sehwan Sharif Railway Station, Dadu Railway Station, Rehmani Nagar Railway Station, Radhan Railway Station, Badah Railway Station, Larkana Junction, Shikarpur Railway Station, Jacobabad Junction, Dera Allah Yar Railway Station, Dera Murad Jamali Railway Station, Bakhtiarabad, Domki Railway Station, Sibi Railway Station, Ab-I-Gum Railway Station, Mach Railway Station, Kolpur Railway Station, Quetta Railway Station.

The Bolan Mail train takes approximately 22 hours to complete its journey from Karachi to Quetta. However, the duration of the journey may vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions, railway traffic, and unexpected delays. The train offers both seating and sleeping accommodation options, allowing passengers to rest and relax during the long journey.