Karachi to Lahore Karakoram Express Train Timings and Schedule for 2023

The Karakoram Express Train Timings Karakoram Express, a renowned express passenger train, offers daily services between the iconic cities of Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan. Following the latest timetable established by Pakistan Railway, the train operation is smooth and punctual, ensuring convenience for all travelers.

The Karakoram Express boasts speedy service, traversing from Lahore to Karachi through key locations like Hyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, and Faisalabad. As per Pakistan Railway’s train number designation, the service from Karachi to Lahore is 41 Up, while the reverse journey from Lahore to Karachi is 42 Down. With an estimated travel time of about 17 hours and 30 minutes, this train covers an impressive distance of 1241 km.

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Full Details Karakoram Express Train Timing / Schedule Table View

Karakoram Express Train Timing Karachi To Lahore (Up)

Karachi CantStart03:00 P.M
Hyderabad Jn05:15 P.M05:20 P.M
Rohri Jn09:20 P.M09:45 P.M
Bahawalpur02:07 A.M02:09 A.M
Khanewal03:40 A.M04:00 A.M
Toba Tek Singh05:10 A.M05:12 A.M
Faisalabad06:15 A.M06:20 A.M
Lahore Jn08:35 A.MEnd

Karakoram Express Train Timing Lahore To Karachi (Down)

Lahore JnStart03:00 P.M
Faisalabad05:00 P.M05:05 P.M
T.T Singh05:55 P.M05:57 P.M
Khanewal07:20 P.M07:40 P.M
Bahawalpur09:12 P.M09:14 P.M
Rohri Jn01:45 A.M02:10 A.M
Hyderabad Jn06:30 A.M06:35 A.M
Landhi08:21 A.M08:23 A.M
Drigh Road08:53 A.M08:55 A.M
Karachi Cant09:20 A.MEnd

The train makes seven stops in the 41 Up and 42 Down journeys, ensuring optimal convenience for passengers traveling to various destinations. The Karakoram Express provides Economy and AC Business classes options for comfort during your journey.

FAQs Karakoram Express Train Timings

The Karakoram Express takes approximately 17 hours and 30 minutes to complete its journey from Lahore to Karachi.

The Karakoram Express makes seven stops for 41 Up (Karachi to Lahore) and 42 Down (Lahore to Karachi) services.

The Karakoram Express offers two classes for passengers: economy and AC business.

The latest timetable for the Karakoram Express, effective April 15, 2023, is designed to accommodate the summer season. This includes updated stop information and stoppage details for all stations.

In conclusion

This comprehensive timetable, effective from April 15, 2023, has been designed to cater to the needs of passengers traveling during the summer months, keeping in mind the unique needs and challenges of the season.