Lahore To Faisalabad Ghouri Express Train Timings and Schedule for 2023

Ghouri Express Train Timings. The Ghouri Express is a renowned passenger train in Pakistan, offering daily service between Lahore and Faisalabad. This train, a crucial part of Pakistan’s railway system, boasts a swift travel time of approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, covering 142 kilometers.

The train’s route meanders through Bahalike, Sangla Hill, Safdarabad, and Qila Sheikhupura, presenting a scenic and convenient means of travel. According to the Pakistan Railway train number nomenclature, the Lahore to Faisalabad service is 114 DN, while the return service from Faisalabad to Lahore is 113 Up.

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway To be Confirmed Ghouri Express Train Timings.

Full Details Ghouri Express Train Timings / Schedule Table View

Ghouri Express Train Timings Lahore To Faisalabad (113 Up)

Lahore JnStart18:45
Qila Sheikhupura Jn19:2019:22
Sangla Hill Jn20:2020:22

Ghouri Express Train Timings Faisalabad To Lahore (114 Down)

Sangla Hill Jn16:0416:06
Sheikhupura Jn17:0817:10
Lahore Jn17:55End

Each service of Ghouri Express makes five stops during the journey, offering passengers numerous boarding and disembarking options. Although it only provides economy-class seating, the Ghouri Express consistently ensures passengers a comfortable and reliable travel experience.

Its operation and timetable, which occurred on October 15, 2022, are designed to maximize efficiency and punctuality. These efforts make Ghouri Express a trusted name among travellers looking for economical and swift travel options between Lahore and Faisalabad.