Zong Internet Packages For Daily, Weekly , & Monthly Use In 2023

Zong Internet Packages was not considered a major telecom company in Pakistan due to its limited services. In 1991, Zong launched as Paktel by Cable & Wireless. It was the first business in Pakistan to receive a free license to provide mobile phone services. Up until 2004, when the business introduced GSM services, it provided AMPS services. Previously, .

Zong began to provide valuable services to its customers and quickly established a good reputation. Customers began to trust Zong telecom services as a result of their high quality and economical internet daily, weekly and monthly bundles. Zong improves its services and provides the fastest 4G internet services to its valued customers. These services are beneficial to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Zong internet packages has always prioritized advanced services, and it is the first telecom company in Pakistan to launch solar-powered cell sites. This website exists solely to promote the “Go Green” movement. GSM, LTE, and other advanced internet technologies are included in the Zong.

Important Note: Because we update our content on a daily basis, all package information for Zong Internet on this page is correct and up to date.

In following liens, we will discuss Zong net packages for daily, weekly and monthly use in 2023. 

1: Zong Daily Internet packages in 2023

Zong Daily Net Package provides three different package plans. Any user can choose any package based on their needs and data requirements. Those who don’t regularly use the internet should consider the Zong daily net plan. These customers only use the Zong Daily Internet Package to download data. The full Zong net package description can be found here. Zong offers data packages that are reasonably priced for all users. It also provides valuable services and low-cost deals to its customers. All members of the community can afford Zong Call, SMS, and internet packages.

Select any following Zong daily internet package

Zong Daily internet package NamePrice
Zong free 3G,4G package for FacebookRs 0
Zong Twitter only 3G,4G PackageRs 2
Zong daily Facebook 3G,4G packageRs 5
Zong full gup packageRs 5
Zong classified packRs 5
Zong daily SMS + WhatsApp bundleRs 7
Zong daily social offerRs 23
Zong perfect packageRs 12
Zong Hello 1 DinRs 13
Zong Shandar daily packageRs 17
Zong WhatsApp only daily 3G,4G Package RS 15
Zong Good Night 3G,4G PackageRs 23
Zong Daily 3G,4G Package (Daily Basic)Rs 23
Zong Day Time OfferRs 23
Zong Daily social offerRs 23
Zong Daily DTORs 23
Zong Daily GNO Rs 23
Zong Data Max 3G,4G PackageRs 49

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2: Zong Weekly Net Packages in 2023

Zong regularly offers its valued customers advantageous and affordable internet bundles. This extra effort increases the reliability and trustworthiness of Zong Company. Zong offers its customers Zong Weekly Internet Packages in addition to Zong Daily Net Packages. The MBS in weekly deals is plenty to last a whole week without any issues. Data can be downloaded and uploaded seven days at a time. These bundles appeal to customers because of their affordable rates.

Here is a list of Zong’s weekly bundle plans. Each package contains MBS for seven days. Zong demonstrates its appreciation for its customers by providing affordable package deals. Choose your preferred weekly bundle plan by scrolling down.

Chose any following Zong weekly internet package:

Zong weekly internet package NamePrice
ZONG Weekly New Sim OfferRs 0
ZONG 4G SIM Upgrade offerRs 0
ZONG Weekly SMS BundleRs 32
ZONG Weekly Tik Tok offerRs 70
ZONG Apna Shehr SehwanRs 80
ZONG Apna Sapna Shehr SangharRs 90
ZONG Apna Sapna Shehr Farooq AbadRs 90
ZONG Apna Sapna Shehr Hasil PurRs 90
ZONG Apna Sapna Shehr Qambar Rs 100
ZONG Apna Sapna Shehr ThulRs 100
ZONG Mega Data OfferRs 110
ZONG Weekly Mega offerRs 160
ZONG Shandar Weekly offerRs 120
Lahore Super OfferRs 120
ZONG Shandar Hafta war offerRs 120
ZONG Apna Shehr plus ChiniotRs 120
ZONG Weekly videoRs 120
ZONG Malakand offerRs 120
ZONG Haftawar Punjab offerRs 120
ZONG Super Weekly 3G,4G PackageRs 200
ZONG Kashmore plus offer Rs 200
Weekly AIO Rs 220
ZONG All in One BundleRs 200
ZONG Weekly Punjab OfferRs 230
ZONG Super Weekly plus 3G,4G PackageRs 290
ZONG Weekly plus on internet SIMRs 330
ZONG Weekly HLORs 340
ZONG Haftawar load offerRs 270
ZONG Karachi offerRs 250
ZONG Super Weekly MaxRs 365
Zong Super weekly premiumRs 385
ZONG Super Weekly Max on internet SIMRs 425

3: Zong Monthly Internet Packages in 2023

Zong typically offers three types of internet packages. Zong provides a one-day internet package, a weekly internet package, and a monthly internet package. Zong Monthly internet packages are ideal for users who require internet data on a regular basis. To avoid multiple subscriptions of the package, they should subscribe to a monthly internet package. In the Zong monthly internet package section, there are several packages available, each with a different time duration and price. A user can browse all Zong Internet packages and choose one that meets their data needs.

Subscribe any following Zong Monthly internet package

Zong Monthly Net Package NamePrice
Zong Free Google MapsRs 0
Zong Monthly WhatsAppRs 30
Zong IMO OfferRs 80
Zong WhatsApp OfferRs 30
Zong Monthly Mini 3G,4G PackageRs 50
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs 50
Zong Monthly Social Mini Rs 13
Zong Monthly Basic 500 3G,4G PackageRs 150
Zong Monthly WhatsApp plusRs 180
Zong Monthly SocialRs 240
Zong Monthly 5GBRs 299
Zong Shandar Monthly PackageRs 300
Zong Monthly 3GB ,3G,4G PackageRs 300
Zong Shandar Mahana OfferRs 305
Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIMRs 330
Zong Data Share 3G,4G PackageRs 500
Zong Star Pre-Load Monthly power pack SIM 500Rs 500
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs 500
Zong Mahana Punjab OfferRs 575
Zong Monthly 20GBRs 575
Zong Super CardRs 699
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 8GBRs 750
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 10GBRs 800
Zong Data Share 3G,4G Package (10GB)Rs 900
Zong Monthly SupremeRs 999
Zong Supreme OfferRs 1000
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs 1000
Zong Monthly Premium 30GB Rs 1000
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 24GBRs 1200
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 12GBRs 1240
Zong Monthly Pro PlusRs 1249
Zong Internet SIM 12GB +15GB (4AM-4PM)Rs 1250
Zong Monthly Super OfferRs 1299
Zong Monthly MBB 30GB (Device only)Rs 1500
Zong Supreme Plus OfferRs 1700
Zong Monthly MBB 60GB (Device only)Rs 2000
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 60 GBRs 2000
Zong Monthly MBB 150GB (Only Device Package)Rs 2500
Zong Monthly MBB 76 GB (Only Device Package)Rs 3250
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 175GBRs 3250
Zong Monthly MBB 200GB (Only Device Package)Rs 3250
Zong Monthly MBB 150GB (Only Device Package)Rs 5999
Zong Monthly MBB 200GB (Only Device Package)Rs 10000

4: Zong 4G Internet Packages in 2023

Zong 4G Packages – For quick internet browsing, Zong offers 4g data packages, 4g internet bundles, and 4g gadgets. Both prepaid and postpaid networks offer these combos. This page contains comprehensive information on all Zong internet packages, Zong free WhatsApp codes, Zong 4G internet packages, Zong 4G device packages, Zong internet sim packages, and Zong data sim products.

Get any following Zong 4G internet package

Zong 4G Internet Package NamePrice
Zong SIM Lagao OfferRs 0
Zong One Hour YouTubeRs 2
Zong Apna Shehr KashamoreRs 100
Zong Combo PackRs 200
Zong Sindh OfferRs 250
Zong Internet SIM 5GB/3 MonthsRs 785
Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Rs 1000
Zong Internet SIM 3 Months 3GBRs 1150
Zong 3 Months Power pack Rs 1500
Zong Internet SIM 4GB + 5GB (4AM-4PM)Rs 1100
Zong Internet SIM 15GB/ 3 MonthsRs 1500
Zong Internet SIM 12GB/ 3 MonthsRs 2790
Zong 3 Months MBB-60GB (Only Device Package)Rs 5750
Zong Internet SIM 65GB/ 3 MonthsRs 5750
Zong 6 Months MBB-100GB (Only Device Package)Rs 12000
Zong Internet SIM 105GB (Inc 30GB 4AM-4PM)Rs 12500
Zong 12 Months MBB 100GB (Only Device Package)Rs 22000
Zong Internet SIM 105GB (Inc 30GB 4AM-4PM) 6 MonthsRs 23000

5: Zong Postpaid Internet Packages for 4G in 2023

A variety of postpaid 2G, 3G, and 4G packages have been launched by Zong. The postpaid packages that include various on-net and off-net resources are listed below.

How can I find out my credit limit each month?

Just downloaded your message app? SMS “CL” to 567 to view your current credit limit for the month.

How do I find out how many minutes, SMS, and internet data are now free?

See the status of your free minutes, SMS, and internet access by texting “BL” to 567.

Postpaid internet packages are described in detail below, along with costs and activation codes.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages List

Package NamePriceDial Code
Zong Monthly Mini 150MBRs 50*567#
Zong Monthly Basic 500MBRs 150*567#
Zong Monthly Premium 1GBRs 250*567#
Zong Monthly Premium 2GBRs 350*567#
Zong Monthly Premium 4GBRs 500*567#
Zong Monthly Premium 10GBRs 1800*567#
Zong Monthly Premium Plus 20GBRs 3500*567#
Zong Monthly Basic Add-Own (100MB Each)Rs 10*567#